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Low cost 5KVA Aircooled Generators


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Hundai Small

Hyundai Diesel 5KVA 240V single phase generators

Can be fully integrated into a solar system

Ideal for use with Solar Systems

Special Offer Price 1850.00€ Inc IVA

For Higher power  the Hyundai DHY SE 8000 delivering 6.2KW of usable power at 2120.00€ Inc IVA

Fully fitted with an Autostart/remote start module for an additional 225€ Plus IVA

Delivery charge may apply

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Diesel Generators


Solar Sky are pleased to offer generators from the HYUNDAI range at competitive prices



Solar Power Spain and Solar Electric Spain

Solar Energy

Solar energy can be captured by solar Photovoltaic panels and converted into Solar Electric power Spain . There are 2 main types of solar panels which uses completely different technologies to make use of the energy from the sun:

  • Solar Water Heating collectors: These panels absorb the energy from the sun and transfers it to heat water either directly or indirectly.
  • Photovoltaic or solar electric panels: These Solar Modules transform the solar radiation directly into solar electrical power

Wind power

  • Wind Power, is obtainedby an aerogenerator or wind turbine where the winds energy is transformed by an electrical turbine.

Solar Power Systems

Each solar power system can be designed specifically to meet the user requirements. Usually after detailed discussion of electrical needs and a site survey.

Solar Energy Panels SpainWe provide pre-packaged systems that contain everything needed to do your own installation, or installed by us to provide a solar power solution within a defined budget.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is derived from inexhaustible sources such as the sun, wind, and water. Solar power spain using renewable energy reduces our dependence on carbon fuel energy sources that contribute to climate change and at the same time helping to make a big difference to the cost of energy required by your home in Spain.

For remote homes the off grid solar system presents a cost effective solution to a potentially difficult problem. Spain has many homes which may be unlikely to get any form of electrical grid connection, in this situation a Hybrid Solar power electric solution can be cost effective, and offer many other benefits.

  • Effectively free electric power from an unlimited source
  • Silent power generation
  • Reliable power free from supplier cuts or interruption
  • Major contribution to reduction of your personal carbon footprint
  • Infinitely expandable to meet future energy needs

Current technology advances provide very reliable and effective Solar electrical power solutions for the home.
How it works, The Photovoltaic panels, receive the light from the sun and convert this into low voltage electricity, this power is regulated and used to charge the batteries or feed power direct to the inverter (converts the low voltage to normal household power) to run lights and household appliances.

Save Power install Solar Modules


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The bigger your requirement for power the larger the system needs to be. A wind generator or diesel generator can be added for additional power on low sun days, or when a heavy load is required. Various combinations of the above system can be used to meet specific requirements. A fully automatic hybrid system can give all the benefits of Solar electric power with all the convenience and power capability of a grid tied system.

There are many other applications for Solar electric power such as Well pumping, Irrigation systems and Pool filter systems.

The prepackaged systems come in three sizes : See below

3Kw Systems

5Kw Systems

7Kw Systems