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Air cooled diesel generators are one the least cost options for an auxiliary power source. Usually limited to a range of power from 3.5KVA to 6.KVA these units are ideal for use as the secondary power for Solar Systems. Primarily designed to be used in Standby operations such as Mains failure or short term use, means that if subjected to periods of heavy duty loads for extended periods of time the life of the generator can be limited. When used as the auxiliary source of power with a solar system in a medium to large household these unit should only be run infrequently and therefore will provide reliable power for many years.

Generators fall into three main fuel types , Petrol, Diesel or LPG (Gas)

Petrol (Gasolina) generators are typically cheaper to buy than diesel units, most petrol generators can be converted if required to an LPG option which makes them very cost effective to run. However for long term reliability and cost effective power a diesel generator is always recommended. Ww can offer a range of generators up to 50Kva.

Fitting an inverter and battery system to a generator can provide constant power to a home and significantly reduce generator run times, using the generator we can charge the batteries at a very high rate minimizing generator run time. The batteries then provide power on a continuous basis to the home. System can be as small or as large as budget will allow.

Typical specification of the Aircooled Unit

  • -Motor air-cooled 4-stroke. Diesel with direct injection,
  • -Closed chassis to ensure good soundproofing
  • -Account hours, voltmeter and frequency meter
  • -Compact, direct injection.
  • -Low fuel consumption
  • -Quick and easy electric start
  • -LED to protect overload.
  • -Alarm Automatic oil stop. motor
  • -Easy install, low maintenance
  • -Low vibration and low noise level

ALTERNATOR – Digital Control Module

  • -Compact. Voltage regulation by AVR
  • -Stable performance. Model with brushe
  • -Overload protection by measuring the intensity
  • -Air preheating system for easy starting
  • -30 mA leakage current
  • -Single phase model with 2 sockets 16A

What Type of System Will I Need?

ATS Automatic connection to mains failure, Can be adapted for Solar remote operation

Full range of Pramac Air cooled generators also available on request,

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