An Electric power generator is the combination of an engine with an electrical generator (often called an alternator) to generate electric power that can be used as if connected to the power supply. Diesel generators are the most popular for residential home and places without connection to the power grid or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails. Small portable diesel generators range from about 1kVA to 15kVA and are ideal for use in a home direct or can be integrated with a Solar System to provide auxiliary support when there is insufficient sun thus maintaining a reliable and consistent power supply.

Generators fall into three main fuel types , Petrol, Diesel or LPG (Gas)

Petrol (Gasolina) generators are typically cheaper to buy than diesel units, most petrol generators can be converted if required to an LPG option which makes them very cost effective to run. However for long term reliability and cost effective power a diesel generator is always recommended. Ww can offer a range of generators up to 50Kva.

Fitting an inverter and battery system to a generator can provide constant power to a home and significantly reduce generator run times, using the generator we can charge the batteries at a very high rate minimizing generator run time. The batteries then provide power on a continuous basis to the home. System can be as small or as large as budget will allow.


Air Cooled Diesel Generators. more info

Aircooled generators up to 6KVA ideal for integration into small and medium size solar installations

Water Cooled Diesel Generators. more info

Very robust and high quality build these units are essential for the large house or heavy power user,

Wind Generators. more info

A useful addition to a solar system, where more power is needed after Sundown,

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