Many houses in Spain have been enjoying the use of power in excess of the Potencia ( capacity) contracted with the Local Electrical company, Basically you had an old fashioned spinning meter and a Big fuse, and over the last couple of years the law was changed to require that all grid connects had an ICP trip fitted to limit supply, ( usually about 25Amps).

This has now been upgraded by a new EU regulation that requires all households to have a smart meter fitted by 2018 ( Jan), and the electrical companies have been duly doing this.

However the Smart meter has created a problem for some as it now has the ability to measure you loading and if you exceed your contracted power it will cut you off after a few minutes or so, then when you reduce your power it will allow you to reconnect to the mains.

This leaves a few options,

1. Reduce simultaneous power consumption to within contracted limit, Meaning you have to be careful you don’t switch on to many appliances at the same time staying below the limit

2. Upgrade your supply contract with the Power company, most people are on 5.5KW or thereabouts, limiting your power to that amount, this can be upgraded, but in some areas particularly rural the local infrastructure ( IE village transformer or cables are not capable of supplying more power).

3. Fit a Power system support unit ( Specially designed Inverter and Batteries to boost your mains power on an as required basis.

Items 1) and 2) are self explanatory, but here is the principle of the power assist system

Power Assist – Boosting the capacity of grid or generator power a special feature of which takes the idea of -power control- to a new dimension and allows the supplement the capacity of another Mains. Peak power is usually only required for a short period, generally when starting inductive loads such as motors, water pumps, pool pumps etc. If the generator or grid supply is insufficient the Power system can compensate for this by adding energy from the battery for a limited period*. When the excess load reduces the now available power from the Grid is used to recharge the battery

Power assist systems can be tailored to your needs and budget, With a basic system giving good coverage for the average home in the region of 5000.00eu, Installed and commissioned,

All systems are installed by Fully Certified and registered Electricians with Both the Valencian Comminidad and Murcia region authority Technical depts. Of the Ministry of the Interior,

Recently install Grid assist System for Local Small Hotel, Mains supply Contract at 5.5KW Assisted Available supply Maximum `10.5KW, Since install there have been no power trips, Power supply is also supplemented by a 3KW array, reducing power consumption by about 25% Other power saving opportunities at minimal cost are available with this type of system, The graph below demonstrates a Good Example of Grid support where power demand is Total 3.45 and Solar is contributing 2.15 and Grid 1.61. Maximum Grid demand available on this system is 3,5KW ( Under contract)

power assist unit
power assist graph
installation power assist
installation power assist