Start using solar or wind–generated electricity on your property today with our Power Series line of pre–packaged systems. They provide clean, renewable energy straight to your remote home in Spain.

Remote Power Series systems are designed and priced to make the benefits of home generated power easy and cost–effective to implement. Utilising state–of–the–art system components and installed exclusively by our network of certified installation technicians.

Solar Powered systems are ideally suited for providing electric power to remote homes. The remote power series make home generated power easy and cost effective, whilst helping reduce your carbon footprint

An off grid system is designed to provide power independently of the grid, this is done by installing Solar Power modules which absorb the sunlight and convert to electric power, this power is then regulated and supplied to a set of Heavy duty deep cycle Solar batteries( specially designed to store large quantities of electric power and deliver the same power on demand). the electric power produced by the sun is stored in the batteries until it is required, when needed this power is then converted by a device called an inverter which changes the electric power to the same type of power that is used to run Washing machines, TV and power lights etc. Solar power is an unlimited source of energy and is only restricted by the capacity of your installation, the larger the installation the more power you can collect and store from the sun for your use.

Even with the abundant sun in Spain there are times when the sun doesnt provide enough Solar which could mean a lack of power , this is overcome by the integration of an auxilary power source such as an electric generator, most modern systems today have a diesel generator installed for fully automatic operation With user input usually being only the addition of fuel and routine service of the engine.

It is important to remember with Solar Systems that you only get out what you put in, Meaning if you only have a few Solar modules and small capacity batteries you may not be able to collect and store sufficient power for your needs. It is important that any system you consider is correctly sized for your power requirements.  Solar Sky can visit and offer free advice on the type and size of equipment needed for home.


4KWp per day Solar Power System.

PV Modules ( 960Watts), Solar Charge Controller,

Pure Sine wave inverter 3KVA, Heavy Duty Solar batteries 350AH , Installation

Suitable for small properties 2/3 bedrooms From 5,999€ inc IVA*

7.5KWp per day Solar Power System.

PV Modules ( 1440Watts)  Soalr Charge controller

Pure Sine wave Inverter Charger, 3KVA Heavy duty Solar batteries 600AH

Installation, commissioning and delivery charges

Suitable for medium sized properties 3 bedrooms. From 9,500€ inc IVA*

10KWp Solar Power System.

PV Modules ( 2160) Solar charge controller, Mounting frameworks

Sine wave Inverter charger 5KVA , Heavy duty Solar Batteries 900AH

Installation,Commissioning and delivery charges

Suitable for larger properties 4 bedrooms From 12,500€ inc IVA*

*Excludes local cabling, Installation cost estimated for Alicante Murcia region, other regions on request.