Our Remote Power Series Systems are the perfect power solution for your home in Spain

Offering systems from 3KWp to provide lights and basic services for the small remote holiday cablin to 50KWp per day system suitable for the larger home or Small hotel, with heavy duty appliances. System design is such that it is easily upgradable at a later date to provide more power as requirements change. Fitted with an autostart diesel generator with Bypass switch this system will provide an electrical supply which will meet most power needs reliably and for many years to come.

Remote Power Series systems are designed and priced to make the benefits of home generated power easy and cost–effective to implement. Utilising state of the art system components and installed exclusively by our network of certified installation technicians, Remote Power Series systems will provide years of clean, quiet, power-cut resistant electricity to your  home in Spain.

A typical Solar  system producing about  7Kw per day fully installed and inclusive of IVA would start from 6,499.00€ (Excludes Auxilary Generator)

A typical 12KWp per day suitable for a medium to large home , system fully installed and inclusive of IVA would start from 12,500€.(excludes Auxilary generator)

A suitable( Smaller systems) Standby generator (3000RPM Air Cooled) integrated into system for fully automatic operation would be in the region of 1,875.00€ Plus IVA

OutBack Power SOLAR, VFX2812 Inverter, MATE2 & OutBack Solar Charge Controller