Sky Satellite Systems

SKY satellite systems don’t work in exactly the same way as in the UK, as we are a long way off the focussed signal,( aimed at the UK, not Spain) we need to have bigger dishes and different techniques to ensure that we can watch almost as much as we did in the UK.

Imagine a spot light aimed at Birmingham, as you get to the outer edges of the beam the light is weaker, this is exactly how the satellite signal is aimed, and in Spain we are on the outer edges of the beam. Therefore we need bigger dishes to gather this very small amount of signal.

This is further complicated with different areas not getting the same strength signal as other areas, also some signals not transmitting at the same strength make some channels unreceivable unless you have a very large dish. The minimum size dish for the Costa Blanca and inland areas is a 1.9M which will give a good level of cover throughout the day. In some areas, particularly Alicante, and inland a 2.4m dish will be required. Even then not all channels are guaranteed receivable, For example a 1.9m dish probably won’t receive BBC2! & on other channels (Channel 4, Movie Channel, and others) you may experience some reception break up in the late afternoon and late evening.

It should be noted that the recent upgrade of the Satellite platform now means that in some areas of the Costa Blanca most of the Prime free channels BBC/ITV/CH4/Ch5 can now be received on a 1 Mtr dish, this may be only a temporary fix and we would recommend the larger dish be fitted to future proof your system if budget allows.

A correctly sized dish matched with the best available Satellite receiver will provide a good cover of reception when properly aligned on the satellite.

You should expect to receive the following channels with little or no problems,


Basic Sky Digital Systems

We offer Satellite Installations of English and European TV, for Home, Pubs, Bars, or Commercial use. We are happy to give advice, order parts and repair or service your existing systems…

1.9mtr Quality dish kit complete with Digibox* : 995€

2.4mtr Quality dish kit complete with Digibox* : 1295€

* Fully Installed, Includes SKY Free to View card, concrete base not provided.