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Solar Heating can help reduce your annual cost for both Hot water and pool water temperature and limited background heating for your home.

Solar heating of domestic water is the most popular application and can reduce your hot water cost per year by up to 60%, please click on this link

for more information on Domestic hot water heating systems, Solar Pool water heating can extend the swimming season and use of your pool beyond the normal “summer season”, Solar collectors trap the suns heat and transfer this heat to your pool raising the temperature as needed. Solar water heating can be combined with a heat pump solution to provide all year round swimming in Spain.

Heating a house with Solar can be quite difficult, as when you need the heating the suns heat can sometimes not be enough, however there are couple of innovative ways that Solar can be used to reduce home heating costs either directly ( Solar Venti warm systems providing background heat , meaning less energy is used to maintain household temperture) or indirectly ( Installing Solar electric modules to provide power for electric heating systems in the home in the day). each option needs to be assessed for practicality and effectiveness in each home. please contact us direct for advise on the best system for you.

Solar power electric Systems

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump are probably the most effective and efficient way to heat your swimming pool , extending the swimming season to allow year round use,

Household Hot Water Heating

Solar Hotwater is the most practical and popular use of the Suns free energy, systems can be designed as stand alone domestic hotwater or integrated with your existing Central heating system to reduce both heating and hotwater costs.

Solar Venti Warm Air Heating

Innovative design , that is particularly suited to the holiday home that is only used for a few months in the year, maintain changes of fresh warm air in the house during periods of absence, keeps both the house Fresh, warm and removes those damp and musty smells from clothes and bedding whilst you are away, when you arrive back to your holiday home in the Spring or winter, the house will always be fresh and inviting for your holiday.


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