Heat Pump Systems. more info

Heat Pumps to heat your swimming pool has many advantage over conventional heaters ( Electric or gas), and can provide in some conditions all round swimming temperatures in your pool, A heatpump is much more efficient than a direct electric heater and for the same rise in temperature in your pool water will cost about 60% less in electric power consumed, Further if you take advantage of night rate electric or install Solar Electric modules( Heatpump Solar Hybrid) you can virtually heat your pool water for free.

Solar Sky can only install heatpumps from EU manufacturers ensuring that we have access to technical expertise and spare parts should they ever be required.

Heat Pumps with Solar Assist. more info

Heat Pumps with Solar Assist is a simple solution of adding Solar Thermal ( Hot water) Modules to your existing pool and heat pump installation. this means that you can have the best of both worlds, Hot water from the sun when available and if there is insufficient sunshine the heatpump can provide the heating to ensure that your have access to your pool all year round.

Household Hot Water Heating. more info

Household Hot Water Heating using Solar thermal modules can reduce your annual hot water heating cost by up to 60%, simply installing a Solar Thermal water heater into your hotwater circuit will provide almost unlimited hotwater for most of the year in Spain.  Solar Thermal water heating systems can be installed from 1750eu, correctly installed there should be little or no disruption to your house decoration or presentation.