Getting the best from your SKY system in Spain

On occasion some types of satellite receiver may “lock up”, this could happen for instance after a power cut or during severe weather conditions. The display will show “No Satellite signal being received”, or may just not respond to the remote control commands. If this happens it is necessary to RESET your Sky digital receiver box.

If you have a New Digibox fitted by us, then following a power cut it should reset itself, please allow after power on approx 5 mins for the box to reset and find the Satellite signal. If you can see on the Sky info banner at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side showing the time and date the system is resetting. If after 5 minutes the box has not reset please do the following.

Use the following procedure to reset your Sky receiver Box:

Press the blue services button on your remote control, this should bring up the services menu,

Press the No 4 button (System setup)

Then without delaying between presses, select the following in quick order, 0, 1 & then Select, (This will bring up another service menu, it is important you only follow the instruction below and do not select any other buttons or change settings other than instructed below)

Press 2 (Default transponder)

On the screen there will be a list of commands, the one at the top should be Frequency. Select this option then,

Using the remote control, Key in the following numbers 1 , 2 , 0 ,5 ,1.

All other settings on this screen should read,
Polarisation V
Symbol rate(MBaud) 27.5
FEC 2/3

Using the blue arrow down button scroll down to SAVE NEW SETTINGS at the bottom of the screen(Green button on HD Boxes), now press SELECT.

Wait a few seconds then press the backup button on the remote control 3 or 4 times, until you exit the menu then leave system for a few minutes, There should be a banner bar at the bottom of the screen with a time display on the right hand side, if the time is showing that indicates you have locked onto the satellite.

After a few minutes the SKY welcome channel should appear (998), once this comes up you should now be able to select your channels as normal.

If after following the above you have still cannot change channels or the message “no Satellite signal being received” carry out the following.

Unplug your receiver from the mains socket and leave unplugged for at least 3 minutes, after a few minutes plug receiver back into mains electric socket, wait another few minutes. Once plugged back, go through the reset procedure as outlined above again .


(Depending on the type of Digibox you have, this procedure may have to be followed several times to be successful)

Getting the best ITV Signal…

This information is ONLY applicable to Sky Digiboxes. A Sky Card will usually be preprogrammed by Sky to receive programmes in you particular region in the UK, usually determined by the post code of the area in which the card was ordered. However, certain ITV channels signals are weaker in Spain (e.g. ITV Midlands) , You may not therefore be able to get a consistent signal on Channels 101 or 103 if you are selected for the Midlands, to get around this your system can be tuned to Channel Islands reception, This signal is stronger than others and less liable to give problems in Spain. If your box was purchased from us, then it will already have been pre-programmed for the best channels.

If you are having difficulty, please try the following set up procedure:

Using the remote control enter the numbers 988, you should now be watching BBC1 CHANNEL ISLANDS.

Press the blue services button on your remote control, then press button 6 on your remote control, this should give you a selection of channels , Select Channel Isles using the blue up down keys and press select on your remote control, you should now be watching ITV CHANNEL ISLES.*

*If your installer has not already set up ITV Channel Isles, it will be necessary to go into the set up menu’s, (The following is specifically for the ITV channels)

Start by selecting: Services, 4 (System Setup), 4 (Add Channels).
This will get you to a menu with five Items on it
From the top item on the menu (Frequency GHz): key in the 5 digits for the frequency 10906 (ignore the decimal point.)

Use the down arrow to move to the H / V setting.

Use the left / right arrows to set the correct polarity. V

Use the down arrow to move to the Symbol Rate. Use the left/rigvht arrows to set this to 22

Use the down arrow to move to the Symbol Rate. Use the left/right arrows to set this to 5/6

Scroll down to the Find Channels option, and press “Select”

Choose your channel(s), scroll down to each one you want, and press the Yellow button.

Press “Sky” to get back to the main TV channels (or “Backup” if you want to add more channels).

Press “Services”, 6 (Other Channels), then scroll up and down the list until you find the one you want, then press “Select” to watch or listen.

With smaller dishes you may not be able to receive CH4 with the normal programme guide, this channel can also be added to the other channels option, To Add Channel four press Services then 4 System set up, then select Add channels, put in frequency 12480, then select find channels, a list of channels should come up on the screen, please select the channels you require ( for CH4, select channel 4 and TTon4), using the yellow button save the channel (when this is done correctly a tick should appear against channel selected). Once that is complete, press the large blue SKY button to return to the main screen, you shold now be able to select Channel for by pressing services button then selecting other channels, select TTon4 and press select, you should now be watching Channel 4.

(It all looks pretty complicated, however its all very simple once you have done it a couple of times).