Designed for continuous running ( IE 24 hours per day 7 days a week), these units are serious duty machines, and should be selected when you have an application that will require frequent running to support high power or critical applications,

Water cooled generator range from about 5KVA to 15KVA and upwards, providing some serious power on demand.

Using a slow revving engine ( 1500RPM) about 50% of the speed of a typical aircooled unit these machines are more reliable, quieter with a much longer life expectancy over the Air Cooled range of generators.

Usually a 3 Cylinder water cooled motor, with full power load control these machines properly maintained will provide reliable power for many many years,

The noise rating of these machine ( from the Hyundai , Pramac or Himoinsa range), is well below EU recommendations for use in residential areas.

Typical Specification for a Quality 3 Cylinder water cooled diesel generator:


Power kVA 7,5 8,3 Power kW 6 6,6 Rated Speed r.p.m. 1.500
Standard Voltage V 230 Available Voltages V 230/115 V
Fuel Consumption at 75 % PRP l/h 1,77
Fuel Tank capacity 22 ltrs
Sound Level @ 7Meters 57 Db(a)

The Heavy duty water cooled 1500RPM range of diesel generators for offered can be adapted to specific requirements, and their simple installation and transportation-ready design make them perfect for use in residential permanent or provisional applications.

Hyundai water Cooled DHY9KSE