Connected to your existing power supply an Autoconsumo or Zero Feed in (Grid Connected) solar installation can significantly reduce your electricity usage thereby reducing your power costs.

In line with current legislation it is generally illegal to connect a solar system to the grid(Electrical Mains Supply) if the Solar system is able to feed power into the grid unless it is properly certified as meeting electrical installation standards and is registered with the relevant authorities. This legislation also provides for prosecution with fairly harsh financial penalties for unauthorised connections.

It is still possible to connect to and feed power to the grid from a Solar System providing a strict set of acceptance criteria has been met, this will include but is not limited to obtaining relevant Planning permissions, Installation and connection certification and that the installation is controlled and set up to meet the requirements of RD900/15 ( Royal Decree). The Solar industry has developed Solar electric systems specifically to allow private householders and small producers to install systems that comply with this requirement.

Known as Autoconsumo or Grid Zero these types of system control or do not feed any power back to the grid thereby complying with current requirements. Grid Zero,effectively any Solar power produced by the Solar collectors is prioritised for the use of the household, in the event of there being no requirement for power the Solar Inverter controller shuts down the Solar charge regulator preventing any power being fed back to the grid.

The second type of system is called Autoconsumo, this is a system that again provides Solar power for home use, but in the event of excess power this is fed back to the grid, however at this time it should be noted that this power can be charged for by the utility company ( IE you could pay for all solar power fed to the grid!! and this charge would be at he standard rate!!!). It is important that your solar power installation matches your power consumption to prevent excess costs and a new contract is agreed with your power supplier.

Both of the above systems require the fitting of an independent certified electricity meter to monitor the amount of solar power produced, Systems below 10KW ( Array size) are not subject to the “Solar Tax”, the size of the array installed is limited to the contracted potencia with the local electrical power supply company

Please note that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the installation meets legal demands and is registered with the Local power company, The Local authority and is registered on the Ministry of Interior log of Grid connected solar systems. Your Solar Supplier should supply you with a “Boletin de Electricidad” on completion of installation to allow you to register your system correctly.

Solar Sky currently can offer a specialist adviser to register systems with the relevant authorities ( subject to certification of system). NB this service is chargeable.


4KWp per day Solar Power System.

4 PV Modules ( 1000Watts),  Complete with 1,5KW On Grid Inverter Grid Zero Metering,   Priced From 2,995.00EU Inc IVA

7.5KWp per day Solar Power System.

8 PV Modules ( 2000Watts) Complete with 2,5KW on grid inverter and Grid Zero metering,   Priced from 4,500.00Eu Inc IVA

10KWp  Per day Solar Power System.

12 PV Modules ( 3000 watts)Complete with 3KWH inverter and Grid Zero Metering  Priced from 6,500.00EU inc IVA

All Pricing subject to site survey and suitability for install.

*Excludes local cabling, Installation cost estimated for Alicante Murcia region, other regions on request.