Following new legislation there are some significant changes to the implementation of Solar Electric power for your home,most to the benefit of the user,

The Main changes of the New Royal Decree provide for simplified procedures for registering new Solar and Wind Installations not exceeding 100 kW in size for self-consumption; the right to provide self-consume energy for community renewable energy projects ( IE Apartment blocks installing a joint scheme)  and the removal of all charges for self-consumed power.( the So called ‘Sun Tax’).

The new rules also greatly simplify the paperwork and registration process for new installations. the requirements is simplified for all consumers ( Small up to 15KW, or 100KW for self consumption without surplus power), and requires only to notify the installation of electricity production with the regional government office. It should be noted that a Certificado de Baja Tension will be necessary from your installer to facilitate the registration.

For the householder and small producer whose aim is to minimize electrical power costs the above option is both practical and cost effective, The register and utility companies have been tasked with getting the relevant procedures and processes in place by May of this year(2019)

Probably the most cost effective method will be by Nett Balance Metering, your smart meter will effectively register power passing to and from the Grid supply, and surplus power you provide to the grid will be credited to your consumption and this same power can be ‘bought’ back by the consumer with this credit for later use such as evening or overnight, as always there is a catch and in this type of installation the Nett Balance at the end of the metering period will be reset to zero, and any surplus energy you may have put to the grid will be lost.

There are varying types of Solar electric systems specifically to allow private householders and small producers to install systems that can take advantage of the New Royal Decree and the Nett balance metering changes or that DO NOT feed any power back to the grid and can store the power in batteries for later use..

Here are three practical options available that is a cost effective solar install,

  1. Fit Solar modules using a grid connect inverter ( Mains power interface unit) together with a control and monitor unit that measures the power being produced by the Solar system, and feeds surplus power back to the grid, the Utility company meter (requires contract renewal) then records the level of Solar input and allows that to be credited for later use,  NettBalanceMetering ( Installation costs for 1.5KW  from 3950€)
  2. Fit an Off Grid Inverter with with battery storage with this installation type surplus power is stored direct to the batteries and is then available for use by the consumer as required, ( Installation costs From 4950€), this type of system is very efficient and can also provide boost power for properties with a very low contracted potencia (Great if you have problems with the Smart Meter tripping due to excess load).
  3. Install a Solar installation which works independently from the grid and will only call upon the Mains power supply as necessary to provide auxilary power during periods of low sunshine or high demand for power in the house, This type of system whilst being the most expensive is also the most efficient as it will allow consumption of 100% of solar power production. This system also has the added benefit of standby power during mains power failure and providing a power boost should you have momentary excessive demand preventing nuisance trips,  (a typical 3KW system with Batteries cost From 8,250€)

Options 1 to 3 above require no special certification or authority to be installed in a private property.  However your installer should provide a Boletin de Electricidad for the installation, which is confirmation that the installation has been installed to and meets current safety and electrical legislation and allows the system to be registered with the Local relevant authority.

You could start getting immediate benefits by installing just 2 PV module and simply add more Solar Panels as budget allows. Installation is easy and can be done by a competent electrician or DIY person. A single Module Kit of 2 x 250Wp PV Module, Inverter, Roof Mount, installation Cable Costs only 1275.00€ Inc IVA ( It is recommended that some form of system monitor is installed so that you can see how much you are saving and how much benefit can be gained.

Solar Sky recommend The Owl PV monitoring system ( )

For larger arrays we would recommend installing a power control monitor  Such as the SMA Home Manager 2.0, this ensures that you know exactly what you are producing and how much energy you are consuming or losing to the grid, , The Home Manager 2.0 has the unique ability ( through WiFi0 to control some appliances in your home to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your Solar Installation,

The installation of PV modules with Solar direct inverters or similar will give an immediate benefit (IE use solar in preference to Grid) with an immediate Co2 Reduction, making your contribution to the environment whilst saving money!!

A Typical 1500Watt Photovoltaic array, fitted with Grid connect inverter with Power monitor connected to your household electrical system will cost from 3,950€. Plus IVA at current rate. Offer subject to survey.

The type of system you require is dependent on your power consumption and we would be happy to visit and discuss directly your needs with no obligation or cost.

Please note that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that the installation meets legal demands and is registered with the Local power company, The Local authority and is registered on the Ministry of Interior log of Grid connected solar systems. Your Solar Supplier should supply you with a “Boletin de Electricidad” on completion of installation to allow you to register your system correctly.

Solar Sky currently can offer a specialist adviser to register systems with the relevant authorities ( subject to certification of system). NB this service is chargeable.


Solar Power System. Producing approx 7.5Kwh per day

Solar array 2000Watts,  Complete with 2.5KW On Grid Inverter Grid Zero Metering,   Priced From 3,995.00EU Inc IVA

Solar Power System producing approx 12500Kwh per day

Solar array 3000Watts) Complete with 2,5KW on grid inverter and metering,   Priced from 4,500.00Eu Inc IVA

Solar Power System producing approx 20Kwh per day

Solar array 5000 watts Complete with 5KW inverter and Metering  Priced from 6,500.00EU inc IVA

All Pricing subject to site survey and suitability for install.

*Excludes local cabling, Installation cost estimated for Alicante Murcia region, other regions on request.