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Solar power electric will provide clean, renewable electric energy direct to your home in Spain.

Easy and Cost–Effective

Solar Sky electric Power systems are designed and priced to make the benefits of home generated power easy and cost–effective to implement. Utilising state–of–the–art system components and installed exclusively by our network of certified installation technicians.

Electric Power Remote

Solar Powered electric systems are ideally suited for providing electric power to remote homes which cannot be connected to the Mains grid power. The remote power series make home generated power easy and cost effective, with greater reliability than if connected to the grid whilst helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Requirement Of Power

The greater your requirement for power the larger the system needs to be. A wind generator or diesel generator can be added for additional power on low sun days, or when a heavy load is required. Various combinations of the above system can be used to meet specific requirements. A fully automatic hybrid system can give all the benefits of Solar electric power with all the convenience and power capability of a grid tied system.

We provide free quotations and advice to enable you to choose the most suitable form of energy for your needs together with great after sales service to ensure you get the very best from your investment. Take a few minutes to read our page on ” How Solar Systems work” which explains the basic operation of a home solar system. There are many other applications for Solar power electric such as Well pumping, Irrigation systems and Pool filter systems. Lets us know your requirements and we will have the system for you.

Solar power electric Systems

Off Grid Solar Electric

A remote home with no electric connection, Solar energy is an easy and effective alternative to Mains electric.

On Grid Solar Electric

Fed up with high electric bills, Solar energy can significantly reduce your demand from the electric company with typical savings of up to 50% acheived.

Grid Support System

Many houses in Spain have been enjoying the use of power in excess of the Potencia ( capacity) contracted with the Local Electrical company, Basically ..


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Solar Sky

Solar Sky are an independent installer of quality solar energy systems, Our engineers are fully qualified and certified to install Solar and Electrical installations in Spain.
We offer free advice and home visits to explain Solar Power and assist in choosing the right solar solution for you.